Announcing the Black Friday Scholarship Fund


Hello friend,

Along with our family and close friends of our late son Gabe, my husband Jeff and I are pleased to announce the launch of the Black Friday Scholarship Fund!

BFSFund is dedicated to helping economically challenged students of color achieve their dreams. The Fund believes no student should be deprived of a quality education due to lack of school funds or social and mental health services. It is unique in that it sets aside matching funds to provide support services like tutoring and mental health care for scholarship recipients. We will offer an initial award of $1000 will hold another $1000 in reserve for assistance requests. The long-term goal of the fund is to provide 5 awards in 5 years and 10 awards in 10 years. 

This board-directed endeavor is being launched in memory of Gabriel Gifford Scheller. Gabe died in 2008 at the age of 23. He was not only a loving family member and cherished friend to those of us involved in this effort; he was also a brilliant and multi-talented young man whose dreams and life were cut short by unrecognized and untreated depression. Gabe was also committed to improving the lives of young people. The fund honors his life's passion while recognizing the unseen challenges that prevented him from realizing his dreams.

Every four years, Gabriel's birthday falls on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, making it a challenging time for our family. In 2015, his birthday fell on a Black Friday that spurred the kinds of racial justice efforts to which he was deeply committed. These events - Gabe's birthday, Black Friday, and the Black Lives Matters movement - came together inspire the Black Friday Scholarship Fund.

My family and I invite you to join us and the other wonderful board members (listed below) in doing good this Black Friday by investing in the next generation. Your tax deductible donation will make a difference!


  • Christine Scheller, President 
  • Jeffrey Scheller, Vice President and Secretary 
  • Carol Gifford, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

  • Dave Woo, Chairman 
  • J.V. Andres
  • Ariel Esposito-Bernard
  • Sue Lee
  • Lola Olateju
  • Benjamin Rey
  • Michael Scheller

For information, email us at

With gratitude,

Christine and Jeffrey Scheller