Pass the Word: 2018 Applicantion is Live!

Hi Friends!

Lola here! I heard a disturbing statistic recently. 41 percent. Only 41 percent of students manage to graduate from a four year school in four years. Tuition costs are a significant reason why the 59 percent struggle to complete their education in a standard timeframe. That's why I am so proud of Black Friday College Fund's work. More so, why I (along with the Board) am delighted to announce that our 2018 application is live! Due to your generous donations we were able to make a deep impact with our organization's first year efforts. Two students, Mia and Yormelis, were awarded a total of $1,500 in college funds and $1,500 in support funds. But you know what?

We want to do more. We can do more! 

Will you join us in spreading the message of the Black Friday College Fund. As we seek to alleviate students' financial burdens, our mission is two-fold. BFCFund is:

"...dedicated to improving access to colleges and universities for students of color from economically challenged backgrounds by providing financial assistance for tuition. Additionally, the Black Friday College Fund is committed to promoting the wellness of scholars by providing financial assistance for wrap-around support services."

While attending Wheaton College, Gabe and I became close. Our relationship left a lasting impact on my life that led me to seek an opportunity to honor his life after he passed away. As Gabe continued his studies at Wheaton, he focused much of his energy on giving back to others. This scholarship seeks to do the same - give back. Will you join us?

Here's how you can help:

1) Spread the Word - Share with a student the positive impact of college in your life. Did you also struggle paying for school? Remember juggling your studies and work? You understand how every dollar helps. Our college fund offers direct tuition assistance AND support funds for wrap-around services. We know that students are learning how important self care is while in college, and we desire to promote their wellness!

2) Donate to Future Scholars - Every dollar counts. Last year, due to a generous outpouring of support we were able to impact two students' lives, a privilege that took us beyond our original goal of one student!