March Monthly News + App


“You are your best thing."
- Toni Morrison

First things first, hurray our application has gone live! We are delighted to officially welcome a new set of Black Friday College Fund applicants, and need you to help spread the word. Applications are due April 30th and we will announce scholarship winners May 30th. Application link

Now, before you know it, spring will peek its wonderful head. The flowers will gradually bloom, our days will brighten, relaxing outside strolls and a few BBQs will mark the season of change. Who isn't excited to pack away the heavy winter sweaters and move freely again. Spring also brings about a change of scenery. Spring break anyone? Your child is probably planning their glorified Spring Break trip now. Just know, for them it may mean a temporarily stilted cash flow. Guess what happens after that? They will eventually call home for MONEY. Beat them to it this year, and welcome the season with a basket filled with goodies! Treats and a few basic home supplies will guarantee to alleviate their financial stress - well, a little.

Here's how to fill a basket the BFCF way:

  • Target or local grocery store gift card

  • Diffuser for some of the questionable college room smells 

  • Tasty treats i.e. Twizzlers or Gummy Bears

  • Microwaveable popcorn

  • Single serve food i.e. oatmeal, soup, mac and cheese

  • Facial wash or moisturizer

  • Pro add on: a phone charger - yes they can always use a new one!

Sent with care,

The BFCFund Board

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